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Friday, September 5, 2014

Embossing A Box

This is my third entry for the Crafty Card Makers Challenge #122 Make an Impression (Dry Embossing).  I usually don't enter challenges more than once, but I was CHALLENGED by trying more embossing on things.

What I learned:  Don't Use White Core - if you are embossing on white core and the embossing accidentally punches through the paper a little it will show through and look like a tear.  Not pretty.  However, if you are going to chalk over your embossing this might not even show.

Use solid core but plain paper - using an already textured paper even small grain does not look good with embossing.  Layer it over one another but don't do both on one piece of paper.  Solid core paper will not show through as a tear if the piece is over embossed in a section.

Fold the project.  My embossing folders are small and some projects like this box were too big.  I folded the piece in half and embossed it.  It was perfect.  Some projects may be too thick to do this.

I really learned some things from this challenge and I think that was what the challenge blogs were originally meant to do.  Challenge you to learn more about some products you probably already own.
Thanks Crafty Card Makers for really challenging me this week!

Filled this box with 6 different flavors of Ghiradelli Chocolate Squares and left it on a friends desk.
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