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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Bring on 2015

It's sleeting here today.  It's cold.  So I thought I would share this cold snowman. 
He thinks "Its Cool"

Merry Christmas all

Thursday, December 11, 2014


I joined a card swap on facebook.  I do cards top to bottom, which means that the card is finished on the inside, stamped on the back, completed with proper fitting envelope.  Most of the cards I got were horrible. Barely finished on the top, definitely, not inside.  The fronts were barely done and I only received 3 where this was true, complete on the inside and out.  One card had the inside stamp crooked and near the top inside of the card. I was disappointed at how unprofessional these cards were.  Maybe these were all newbies.  I can forgive this horrible set of cards, but I won't be doing any for the future with this group.  I wonder if the people that made these cards were proud of them at all.

To complete a home made card, the inside should be finished to the same weight as the front of the card.  At the very least, glue a white piece of card stock on the inside right.  Balance the weight of the front of the card to the middle. If you stamp a sentiment or picture, add a third layer of cardstock with the sentiment on it.  This allows the weight to be build up and allows for making a mistake with the stamp if you do it before you insert it in the card.

Professionalism, people.  

Thank you for letting me use my own blog to protest/whine/complain about my card exchange with others.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Christmas Time is Here

Oh, I have been super busy.  I've actually started organizing my craft room that I share with my husband's home office.  He hates my messy crafts.  So, I have tried to support his needs and still leave my creative style open.

I joined a card exchange on the Cricut Cards Facebook site.  I had to make 21 cards.  At first, I thought I would just have to make 5, but that hope was dashed when I started to pack up the cards and looked for the address, only to see my mistake.  I hustled to get them all done before we went to Virginia to meet our newest grandchild and first grand-daughter, Ruby Claire Light.

Then we had a family get -together.  With family portraits:

 I was glad I got all the cards done.  I enjoyed my family so much.  The youngest is moving his family, with our first grand-daughter to Hawaii.  We won't get to see them as often. This was a precious time together.  

Here are my cards:

Now, onto MY Christmas cards. :0)

Friday, November 21, 2014

Holly Jolly Christmas

It's almost time for Christmas songs.  Several of my friends have already started, but my husband is VERY resistant to any Christmas before Thanksgiving.  I agree with that, but since I have been wrapping Christmas presents getting them ready for sending, and a few Christmas decorations staged, I'm ready for the music!

This is one of the cards I created yesterday, I was going with a snowing feeling. I used natural paper with flowers and leaves embedded in it.  Letter Envy, Lyrical Letters, Joys of the Season and white pen.  It made me very happy when I was done! 


Thursday, November 20, 2014

Movie Title Typos - Austin D. Light

My son, Austin Light, went viral last week with some of his drawings.  He got a book deal, hundreds of commission requests, T-shirts, Prints, etc.  Recognized by some very famous people, etc.  He has been working on novels for the last few years and shopped them around for a book deal but hasn't gotten one yet.  In one and 1/2 days, in the top ten of Reddit, he got interviews on, Huffington Post, Creative Minds, The Nerdist, After Midnight (Comedy Central), PGA, Esquire, Australia's Today Show, My Nuovo TV, Metro CO in London, Reddit, Society 6, and many, many more.

I"m going to share his artwork here.  The subject was delete one letter from a movie title and write a tag line for the new movie.  Enjoy the laugh!

Austin's Famous Drawings

In case you don't recognize the movies, they are
Robo Cop - Oboe Cop
Rave - Brave
Men - X-men
Finding Emo - Finding Nemo
Jurassic Par - Jurassic Park
Take 3 - Taken 3
Fight Cub - Fight Club
Harry Otter - Harry Potter
Aging Bull - Raging Bull
Pup Fiction - Pulp Fiction
Pretty in Ink - Pretty in Pink (Molly Ringwald commented on this one)
T - E.T.
Raining Day - Training Day
Mr and Mrs Sith, - Mr and Mrs Smith
Star Wars: A New Hoe - Star Wars: A New Hope
Pollo 13 - Apollo 13
Beauty & the Beat - Beauty and the Beast
The Fat and the Furious - Fast and Furious
Ad Max - Mad Max
The Princess Ride - The Princess Bride
Ron Man - Iron Man
Dive - Drive
Man on Fir - Man on Fire
Alen - Alien
Scram - Scream  (The director of this movie became a follower of Austin on Twitter)
Twilight: A New Moo - Twilight: a New Moon
Uno - Juno
Oh Bother, Where Art Thou - O Brother; Where Art Thou?
The Princess and the Fro - The Princess and the Frog
Lord of the Rigs - Lord of the Rings
The last picture is a caricature of my son, Austin, and his two kids.

As a mother, I am delighted for his success, just as a regular person, I laughed my butt off! or

So. I've been busy

My father has been very ill and I've been pre-occupied with that and the research on his condition. And, we had our first grand-daughter, Ruby Claire Light, delightful event!!  But to shake myself out of the traveling bug, I joined a card exchange.  20 cards to exchange, all occasions.

This is what I sent. Lately, I've been into recycling.  I cut images from other cards, or papers, bits of a pattern I liked, etc.  and creating new cards from them.  I also used some Jolee stickers, cricut cuts from Joys of the Season, Paper Pups, Coloring pages, Create a Critter, stamps from Close to my Heart, Brads from Just Brads and various scrap supplies.  Now, doing this many cards at once, was fun, however, I couldn't get myself to create the more difficult cards like, Easel, Flip, Pop up, Step, etc.  They are just traditional cards.  It's harder getting back in the swing of things than a thought.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Patterns of Fall

This was a big challenge for me putting pattern on pattern on pattern.  But, I think it turned out alright.  I used the Cricut Craftroom basics font.  Stretch your Imagination for the leaf, acorn and squirrel.  Cricut papers and DWCV.  Tags, Bags, Boxes and more for the oversized tag card. 
This was really fun. 


#Anything Goes -  Simon Says Wednesday Challenge
#340  Dies and Punches! Cute Card Thursday

Oh How Cute - Paper Take Weekly

Thursday, September 25, 2014

First of the fall

It's fall now and here in Texas, it actually feels like it.  That doesn't happen often.  It's so beautiful I wanted to ride my bike today.  No can do,,,flat tire.  So I came back inside from the beauty and made a couple of cards:

Simple card, both frames and ghost available on the Happy Hauntings cartridge Green Chevron bag to mail it in.

Challenge: Paper Take - Oh How Cute
Craft for the Craic - Something with Circles on it

Both cards made using Halloween Hauntings.  Its time for halloween.  Many of my skills have left me and I feel like I am having to start all over again..  On both of these cards the envelopes are lined. 

Hope they make you smile. 

Challenges: Anything Goes - Simon Wednesday Challenges
Cute Card Thursday - Die Cuts or Punches

Friday, September 5, 2014

Embossing A Box

This is my third entry for the Crafty Card Makers Challenge #122 Make an Impression (Dry Embossing).  I usually don't enter challenges more than once, but I was CHALLENGED by trying more embossing on things.

What I learned:  Don't Use White Core - if you are embossing on white core and the embossing accidentally punches through the paper a little it will show through and look like a tear.  Not pretty.  However, if you are going to chalk over your embossing this might not even show.

Use solid core but plain paper - using an already textured paper even small grain does not look good with embossing.  Layer it over one another but don't do both on one piece of paper.  Solid core paper will not show through as a tear if the piece is over embossed in a section.

Fold the project.  My embossing folders are small and some projects like this box were too big.  I folded the piece in half and embossed it.  It was perfect.  Some projects may be too thick to do this.

I really learned some things from this challenge and I think that was what the challenge blogs were originally meant to do.  Challenge you to learn more about some products you probably already own.
Thanks Crafty Card Makers for really challenging me this week!

Filled this box with 6 different flavors of Ghiradelli Chocolate Squares and left it on a friends desk.

Hello Kitty - Challenges

I am entering this card in the Fantabulous Cricut  card challenge #226 For The Kids Theme.  I'll be sending this card to my nephew to cheer him on in Football and Band.

I am also entering it in the Crafty Cardmakers challenge  #122 Dry Embossing, Make an Impression. I made several cards and used lots of my embossing items to do as the challenge said and really make some impressions.  I finally settled on this white on white embossing with Hello Kitty.  It made a simple card elegant.

Pink Elephant Challenge TPE266 Back to School.  This card is for my nephew at Harper High School.  Go Longhorns!

This is a square card base.  I also let the natural embossing of the black paper be the upside, so there are layers of texture.
Cricut Hello Kitty cut
Stickles Green
Scroll Work Embossing Folder

Often the seemingly simplest cards take more work than one would think.  It's hilarious how long it took me to get this card done.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Get Well Soon - Relax

This chair cut from Cricut Summer Celebrations, oval punch for rug, square punches for pillow, relax printed on printer and layered, Feel Better Soon stamp, small flowers and jute ties. Dotted swiss embossing folder used on base of card and on the easy chair.
Hope you have a happy sunny day! 

Entering in Crafty Cardmakers Challenge # 122 Make An Impression (Dry Embossing)

I challenged myself in this card to use the two colors I always have left in a pack.  Orange and Purple.  I just don't like them for some reason.  But, I looked at the complementary color wheel and they actually go together.  So...... here is my self challenge for those colors. 

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Are you my mother?

I loved that book when my boys were little.... the bird looking for his mother and asks all kinds of things if they are.  It inspired this card.  This little duck is flying into the pot with the daisy and asking if it is his mother.

The inside of the card is finished as well.

Cricut Walk In My Garden
Animal Antics
Create a Critter

Entered in Cute Card Thursday  - Challenge 331 - For the Birds!

Monday, July 28, 2014

Sunny Days

I successfully planted and grew sunflowers this year.  I have such a black thumb and I've never been able to get them to grow.  I have been successful also with pumpkins this year. In the spring, when I planted these plants, it hailed.  I lost the corn, wildflowers, and carrots in that storm.  

This is my thank you card with sunflowers and impatiens.  The banner is a "Thanks" stamp from Close To My Heart's Wonderful Wreath.  I weaved the wreath out of some rather stiff twine to give it a kind of grapevine wreath feel.  I sewed the wreath into the card. Then, I began adding rows of branches.  I used Martha Stewart's branch cut for them.  I  used a Marvy punch for the sunflowers and impatiens.  Add some fall color backgrounds, polka dot embossing and someone will appreciate this thank you note.  

I really love sunflowers.  However, I do NOT like the dog days of HOT summer.  Staying inside and crafting cards seems like a much more fun thing to do. 

Smaller photo to show that the inside has layers as well.  

Have a happy day!

Entered this card in the following challenge:
Charisma Cardz Challenge - Use Twine, Charm or Ribbon
Crafty Catz Weekly Challenge -  Anything Goes
Pile It On - #30 Use Embossing
Chocolate, Coffee & Cards Challenge: Polka Dots

Monday, July 7, 2014

I Can't Believe It.........

This is my grandson, Ellis, lip-syncing on the video release of THE COASTS new album.  The song is fantastic even if I am super proud and prejudice about who it is starring.  Take a look.  If you like the song, PLEASE share it so the song gets more airplay.
The first link is to the USA TODAY story that featured the band.
USA Today story

Video of the Coasts

The Coasts Website:THE COASTS

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Well, Most of our hail damage has been repaired.  I have some interior leaks and painting to be done.
So, here is what I had time to do while waiting for the roof or other people to show up to do their work. 








Tuesday, April 8, 2014


WE had softball size hail this week.  We lost our roof, skylight, two windows, one truck, one fence, all the plants I just planted the day before, the beautiful things we put out to enrich the yard, etc.  There are no leaves on the trees.  It's a mess.  They confirmed 3 tornadoes.  I took a picture of the one forming over us and they said it was 82 mph.  I've been through a lot of hurricanes.  I prefer those!! But it inspired me to renew beauty.

So, this is my tire swing with pretty leaves returned and I can't wait to go swing.
This is scrap paper.  All of it.  Christmas paper, Hawaiian paper, striped Easter paper, green cut grass and a tire.  The cut is on the Pop Up Neighborhood Cartridge which I've never used.  I don't know why. . 
 That's all I feel like doing.  Going out and jumping in the tire swing an flying away! 

Inside: "I never tire of you."

Thanks for stopping! 

I'm using this card in several challenges.  

FANTABULOUS CRICUT- Use a cartridge you never have before.  Pop Up Neighborhood. Spring has Sprung
Adding link to SPRING

Friday, March 21, 2014

OWL by myself.....................

I saw an owl in a Scrapbooking and Card book that was wonderful.    It was then that I was moved into a full flock of action.  I don't like owls much and I can't say I've ever even done one.   It was the pun that got me. 

Owl is cut from Create a Critter.  Used pieces and parts of other cuts. Crinkled the nose (after I took the picture).  I'm even starting to get attached to it and I made it for a reason. So I hope you got a giggle, before he flies away.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

College Care Packages

 I have several students that I have come to know through the years as adopted children.  My own, long gone from home, with children of their own, Tom and I have become surrogates.  I'm getting ready to send some care packages out and I had so many shamrocks for the projects I'm doing lately that I decided to do a bunch of these for their packages.

Besides, as soon as spring break is over, the last part of the semester begins.  When they pray for a lot of LUCK. Ha.

Onward and Upward

Monday, March 10, 2014

Monochromatic for Baby

My friend, Nidia, is having a boy.  She is new to this country and just learning English and having a baby.  Since we lived in Italy and so many people were tolerant of our ignorance, I am much more patient with immigrants in our country.  I made this card especially for her.

Cricut cuts, swiss dots and paisley cuttlebug textures and plain butcher paper.  Plus a little ribbon and a baby rattle thingy.

I got her a baby blanket and a gift card to go with it, which I know she will love.  Getting ready to have two more grandbabies myself, I am baby card and scrapbook crazy. 

3d St. Patrick's Toilet Paper Roll

It started with a toilet paper roll.  Smashed at one end and glued.  Then I punched holes with my crop-a-dile so I could stitch it with twine.

I used Cricut St. Patricks Day cuts for the shamrocks,  Dream street papers, some flower petals, twine, buttons, brads, ribbon and a butterfly.  

It hangs on a door handle quite nicely.  I filled this with a bunch of green jolly ranchers and some shamrocks.   This was a quick and easy repurposed craft. 

Entered in the 3D St Patricks Challenge at Cardz TV challenge

Patrick's Pastels

Here is another St. Patricks Day card with pastel colors.  The paper is really pretty pastels, but my camera shows them a bit brighter.  I mixed a number of pastels in the ribbon, tag, flower polka dot concho and bumble bee.  I used Tags, Bags, Boxes and More for the Tag, and Lyrical Letters for the lettering.  Scrap papers and other things to use up my stash and send a note to a friend.

I created this pastel St Patricks card for the Craft Garden March challenge.
And now, I'm putting it in the mail before my friend has a chance to see it online. :0)

Onward and Upward,

Friday, March 7, 2014

Lucky Me to Know You

I wanted to create today.  I don't know for sure what inspired me to the shamrock but I pulled all these green papers out and decided I had to do something with them.  This is what came out.  I used the Cricut St Patricks Day cuts, Cricut, Tags, Bags, Boxes and More, Close to My Heart Pearl Gem flourishes, buttons, ribbons, twine, Color Box chalk, Cricut papers and Close to My Heart Tag.

Outside of Shamrock Tag Card

Inside of Shamrock Tag Card

I am entering this card in the following challenges:

If you've never entered a challenge before, these are great places to start. Try one! 

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