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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Are you my mother?

I loved that book when my boys were little.... the bird looking for his mother and asks all kinds of things if they are.  It inspired this card.  This little duck is flying into the pot with the daisy and asking if it is his mother.

The inside of the card is finished as well.

Cricut Walk In My Garden
Animal Antics
Create a Critter

Entered in Cute Card Thursday  - Challenge 331 - For the Birds!

Monday, July 28, 2014

Sunny Days

I successfully planted and grew sunflowers this year.  I have such a black thumb and I've never been able to get them to grow.  I have been successful also with pumpkins this year. In the spring, when I planted these plants, it hailed.  I lost the corn, wildflowers, and carrots in that storm.  

This is my thank you card with sunflowers and impatiens.  The banner is a "Thanks" stamp from Close To My Heart's Wonderful Wreath.  I weaved the wreath out of some rather stiff twine to give it a kind of grapevine wreath feel.  I sewed the wreath into the card. Then, I began adding rows of branches.  I used Martha Stewart's branch cut for them.  I  used a Marvy punch for the sunflowers and impatiens.  Add some fall color backgrounds, polka dot embossing and someone will appreciate this thank you note.  

I really love sunflowers.  However, I do NOT like the dog days of HOT summer.  Staying inside and crafting cards seems like a much more fun thing to do. 

Smaller photo to show that the inside has layers as well.  

Have a happy day!

Entered this card in the following challenge:
Charisma Cardz Challenge - Use Twine, Charm or Ribbon
Crafty Catz Weekly Challenge -  Anything Goes
Pile It On - #30 Use Embossing
Chocolate, Coffee & Cards Challenge: Polka Dots

Monday, July 7, 2014

I Can't Believe It.........

This is my grandson, Ellis, lip-syncing on the video release of THE COASTS new album.  The song is fantastic even if I am super proud and prejudice about who it is starring.  Take a look.  If you like the song, PLEASE share it so the song gets more airplay.
The first link is to the USA TODAY story that featured the band.
USA Today story

Video of the Coasts

The Coasts Website:THE COASTS

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Well, Most of our hail damage has been repaired.  I have some interior leaks and painting to be done.
So, here is what I had time to do while waiting for the roof or other people to show up to do their work. 








Tuesday, April 8, 2014


WE had softball size hail this week.  We lost our roof, skylight, two windows, one truck, one fence, all the plants I just planted the day before, the beautiful things we put out to enrich the yard, etc.  There are no leaves on the trees.  It's a mess.  They confirmed 3 tornadoes.  I took a picture of the one forming over us and they said it was 82 mph.  I've been through a lot of hurricanes.  I prefer those!! But it inspired me to renew beauty.

So, this is my tire swing with pretty leaves returned and I can't wait to go swing.
This is scrap paper.  All of it.  Christmas paper, Hawaiian paper, striped Easter paper, green cut grass and a tire.  The cut is on the Pop Up Neighborhood Cartridge which I've never used.  I don't know why. . 
 That's all I feel like doing.  Going out and jumping in the tire swing an flying away! 

Inside: "I never tire of you."

Thanks for stopping! 

I'm using this card in several challenges.  

FANTABULOUS CRICUT- Use a cartridge you never have before.  Pop Up Neighborhood. Spring has Sprung
Adding link to SPRING

Friday, March 21, 2014

OWL by myself.....................

I saw an owl in a Scrapbooking and Card book that was wonderful.    It was then that I was moved into a full flock of action.  I don't like owls much and I can't say I've ever even done one.   It was the pun that got me. 

Owl is cut from Create a Critter.  Used pieces and parts of other cuts. Crinkled the nose (after I took the picture).  I'm even starting to get attached to it and I made it for a reason. So I hope you got a giggle, before he flies away.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

College Care Packages

 I have several students that I have come to know through the years as adopted children.  My own, long gone from home, with children of their own, Tom and I have become surrogates.  I'm getting ready to send some care packages out and I had so many shamrocks for the projects I'm doing lately that I decided to do a bunch of these for their packages.

Besides, as soon as spring break is over, the last part of the semester begins.  When they pray for a lot of LUCK. Ha.

Onward and Upward

Monday, March 10, 2014

Monochromatic for Baby

My friend, Nidia, is having a boy.  She is new to this country and just learning English and having a baby.  Since we lived in Italy and so many people were tolerant of our ignorance, I am much more patient with immigrants in our country.  I made this card especially for her.

Cricut cuts, swiss dots and paisley cuttlebug textures and plain butcher paper.  Plus a little ribbon and a baby rattle thingy.

I got her a baby blanket and a gift card to go with it, which I know she will love.  Getting ready to have two more grandbabies myself, I am baby card and scrapbook crazy. 

3d St. Patrick's Toilet Paper Roll

It started with a toilet paper roll.  Smashed at one end and glued.  Then I punched holes with my crop-a-dile so I could stitch it with twine.

I used Cricut St. Patricks Day cuts for the shamrocks,  Dream street papers, some flower petals, twine, buttons, brads, ribbon and a butterfly.  

It hangs on a door handle quite nicely.  I filled this with a bunch of green jolly ranchers and some shamrocks.   This was a quick and easy repurposed craft. 

Entered in the 3D St Patricks Challenge at Cardz TV challenge

Patrick's Pastels

Here is another St. Patricks Day card with pastel colors.  The paper is really pretty pastels, but my camera shows them a bit brighter.  I mixed a number of pastels in the ribbon, tag, flower polka dot concho and bumble bee.  I used Tags, Bags, Boxes and More for the Tag, and Lyrical Letters for the lettering.  Scrap papers and other things to use up my stash and send a note to a friend.

I created this pastel St Patricks card for the Craft Garden March challenge.
And now, I'm putting it in the mail before my friend has a chance to see it online. :0)

Onward and Upward,

Friday, March 7, 2014

Lucky Me to Know You

I wanted to create today.  I don't know for sure what inspired me to the shamrock but I pulled all these green papers out and decided I had to do something with them.  This is what came out.  I used the Cricut St Patricks Day cuts, Cricut, Tags, Bags, Boxes and More, Close to My Heart Pearl Gem flourishes, buttons, ribbons, twine, Color Box chalk, Cricut papers and Close to My Heart Tag.

Outside of Shamrock Tag Card

Inside of Shamrock Tag Card

I am entering this card in the following challenges:

If you've never entered a challenge before, these are great places to start. Try one! 

Friday, February 28, 2014


Every card below has an element of reclamation.  When I was a kid we used to do this with Christmas cards at school making new cards from last years old ones.  There might be a pattern paper color,  a reused card base, or graphic element.  I'm starting simple by clearing out some of my junk stuff that are cluttering my desk as I get my new home's craft room established. 

 The graphic on this card is the girl with umbrella cut from one card.  I typed out the saying from another card and layered it on.  It's really very stunning in person. 

Easter baskets with eggs. 

Outside and Inside of stained glass card.  Feel Better soon sentiment and a packet of green tea. 

Thank you note with Starbucks card. 

Have a nice day. 

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Note for the Day

Two new grandchildren are going to be coming into my life this year.  I'm so excited about it.
So, I'm working on some scrapbooks for the new ones.  I haven't put up any pictures of my work, but I've taken a few and will post them soon.  Thanks JOANNE for stopping by.  coming to you too!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

It's a joyous day!  The sun came out.  I soaked up some substantive vitamin D, and it felt like I was normal.  Then the wind came and made it not fun, anymore but it was joyous for a while.  My dog came in and took a nap, but I work on m craft room.  Got to get busy there at the renewal of life and substantiation.  There was beauty as I noticed  all the trees have some little buds and my plants are starting to perk up.  I  am going to perk up with it.  

I got Tags, Bags, Boxes 3 today and I can't wait to try some things with it tomorrow.  Along with some of the fun things with it.  That's a big step for me t get back on the horse after being off for so long. 

Hope you are doing well and finding your
crafts filled with Joy.  Have a blessed day!

Monday, January 6, 2014

Wow, so sporadic in my postings.  I recently quit my job, had some shoulder repair surgery done, having back issues and injections and want to return to full-time crafting and blogging.

My son signed me up for this greeting card service that sends me two hand crafted cards a month. Tota Press.  It's quirky and high brow, but I like it.  I love the hand press look, which is what I love about my cricut embosser, but this adds a new element to my thought.

Joanne, Mahalo, for keeping up with me. We bought a home and settled down, finally, all that moving around was tough on my crafting mind and my body.  You're so sweet.

Onward and Upward,

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

These are pictures of some of the college students I work with.  After doing several missions to help out Tornado victims after so much destruction, we did a MUD RUN together.  (I'll never do another).

An a little beach time.  These girls have been a light
in my life at lots of different times.  I will miss working with them.

It's Not Me.......

I LOVE my name!  It perfectly identifies my personality and love of God and I can't believe I got so lucky as marrying into it!  

There are 8 other Penny Light's on facebook (Public). There are 6 other ones on Twitter (Public), There are 2 on Pinterest (Public) and 2 in Canada (Random Business Owners). None of them are me. I've started Googling/Binging myself to see what information is out there about me and then locking down my own privacy. Does anyone else get really tired of EVERYTHING about you being out there?

If you're trying to run a business, you want things branded with your name or business and that's where I find it is difficult.  When I was doing Cricut almost full-time, there was value in having more and more people read my blog, look at my work, and know my name.  However, after I became a grandmother, I started recognizing my children's desire to protect the name and identity of their own children.  While many of their identities had been given up to Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler, Instagram, when it came to their children, THEY WERE ON LOCKDOWN.  

I don't blame them.  In an effort to be able to see pictures of my grandchildren, I have put much of my online stuff in lockdown. 

But what about my blogs?  I have one for my gastric bypass journey.  I have one for my private prayer journal, I have one for my cards and creations.  I've decided NOT to lockdown this blog because I like the communications I have with other crafters here.  Some of you have encouraged me SO much during my journey with depression and gastric bypass issues which became even more special to me (Thank you, JoAnne and Margie!)

So... all those other Penny Light's are NOT me.  But this place IS!

This photo is not cricut, but another crafty art I enjoy.  This is a photo I took out my backyard after the terrible tornado threats had finally passed by.  It's non-retouched and I love it.  It's a Penny Light picture. 

Monday, June 17, 2013

I love you, truly

A card I did for an upcoming wedding.  I get to quit my job and go back to crafting in August.  I'm so excited to get to go back to what I truly love.  My husband, Tom, has decided I'm best when I'm creative. He's right!  I love him, truly.

This is not original, I saw something like it already but can't remember where.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Flapper Girl

I saw this card in the Scrapbook Addicts.  I loved it and so I chose a sort of it to create a memories card for an old friend.  It was really fun working with the feathers and I can't wait to do it again

It was loads of fun to make and decorate.  

Friday, March 8, 2013

I'm back!

A good friend of mine lost his wife recently so I made a sympathy card for him.  These are always the hardest cards to make.  I'm entering it in the Fantabulous Cricut Blog "Birdies"

Front and inside of card.

Hard to see from this picture is the use of green stickles.  
I put stickles on my finger and then rubbed it over the tree branches. 
 It made the card shiny and it looked like little leave buds on the tree.


The trees are from Wall Decor & More 
The birds are from 50 States
And the "With Sympathy" is from Wild Card

Thanks for stopping by.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Depression can be very debilitating    I've had my share of it lately.  I'm ready to chuck the whole world sometimes.  My life has had some ups and downs of late and they would probably be minor if not for the depression added on top.  I'm tired and that doesn't go away.

I started having some of this while in Italy.  The depression and almost agoraphobic type behavior.  I couldn't sleep without taking something for sleep.  I could barely get myself out the door sometimes and my only communication with the world was my love for crafting with the cricut.

I still love to craft with the cricut but I have a job that takes so much out of me that the thing I most love for my creative outlet gets left behind in such great tiredness at the end of the day, I don't have the mental energy to do what I love.

I'm working on a wedding right now and here are the invitations I have done.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Seven Ate Nine

You know how old sayings just strike you as funny some days?
My cards seem to have a "bad day" feel to them lately. Hmmmmm.

This one just an old saying and probably not an original card.
Duck, Duck, Duck

I just think some funny cards to make one laugh from time to time is the best thing to do.  So go ahead and laugh today! 

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