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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Okay, yeah, it's been awhile, but I have been CRICUTing, just not posting.  I have a new job and the learning curve has been steep.

Here we go. First, Ellis, turned 2 and had a cookie monster birthday.  The best part of this is that my husband, dressed up like the cookie monster.  My husband has dressed up for halloween about twice in our 30 years of marriage.  He just doesn't do stuff like that, but for Ellis.... anything.

The little cookie monster head on a tongue depressor is a bookmark and I stamped
"E is for Ellis" on it.

I did a HUGE cookie monster on a Pizza Pan that I made little cookies for.  The cookies had magnets on the back so you could throw the cookies at the cookie monster and try to get them in his mouth.  I forgot to get a picture of it and it was the best thing I did for that day.

I made the banner and the hat.  Beth made the food along with some of her friends.  The table was spectacularly filled with wonderful colors and good things to eat besides cookies. 

Happy 2nd Birthday Ellis

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