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Saturday, February 20, 2010

My First Blog Award

This is my first blog award.  A Sunshine Award!!

I was graced with this beautiful award from Lisa at Scrappin in NJ  Thanks Lisa!
Now, I'm supposed to give the award to six other people.  Link it back to the person who gave it to you and give it away again. 

1.        Nikki at Scrappin’Navy Wife (her blog here)  I love Nikki’s work.  She is a great artist and designer.  More than that, she has one of the toughest jobs in the world, spouse of a military man.  I am especially fond of Nikki because she is a Navy wife and my husband is a Navy Veteran.  Thanks for inspiring me Nikki!
2.       Look @ La’s – She is a cake designer.  I’m so impressed with the work she does and with 4 boys at home! She is my sister and best friend.  She has a very creative mind and inspires me frequently.  Thanks La for always encouraging me!  Her blog here.
3.       Joy is a joy! Her blog here. I became friends with Joy because she lives in Prattville, Alabama!  When I was working for the National Encouragement Foundation the mayor of Prattville was one of the first mayors to sign up for his city to be an encouraging city.  Joy knows and is friends with the mayor and that was our “friend” link.  Plus we both love sunflowers.  She has taught me much in card making and design.  She is a great encouragement, living up to her name!
4.       Jeannie at A Place For My Cards -  Jeannie was my first inspiration in Cricut card making.  I absolutely love her style and would love to be able to duplicate it.  But, she has taught me to have my own style.  She is a great teacher of design and is one of the most helpful people I know. A masterful artist!
5.       Margie at Bella Bug Creations.  I became friends with Margie because she is a young grandmother like me.  They got married young and are still married.   We have that in common!  Isn’t that the definition of friends?....... when one can turn to the other and say “Me too!”  More than that, Margie designs some of the best pieces of accomplished artwork and paper encouragement!
6.       GJ – G and I both have “simple card beauty” respect.  She designs many cut files and shares them! Her blog here.  She is a frequent encourager on the Cricut Message boards and I enjoy her communications very much!  She is a gifted seamstress, photographer and cardmaker….. an all-around crafter.
Thanks ladies for inspiring me and keeping me going!  Now pass it on. :0)
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