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Friday, January 8, 2010

Just an Opinion about Challenges

I've only recently learned about participating in challenges (since end of November).   And I've been to many websites/blog sites to see what there is.  Here are my top 5 Ney's and Hurray's! 

1.  Ney - Blogsites that don't update when they say they will!  I work hard to join their challenge and participate in what they asked for.  So when they say the post will stay up until say... 2 January and it's 8 January and they haven't updated ANYTHING, I'm frustrated!  Or they continue to list challenges and then never list the winners.

2.  Ney - Picking winners at random.  I don't mind that they pick winners at random, but if there is a design team, then they should pick their top 3, 5, etc.  Otherwise I am not challenged to try to do better work as compared to those who are "competing" against me.  For me..... the prize is not the big deal.  The challenge is!

3.  Hurray - Design Teams that participate by commenting on your submission.  What was good and what could be better.  Are we so afraid that we can't tell each other what would "plus-up" a card?  I want to continue to grow in my craft, so hurray for people willing to help do that!

4.  Hurray - for design teams that design on their own blog and participate in other challenges too, continuing to grow their craft.

5.  Hurray for blogsites that recognize combining challenges helps to cross pollinate and encourage more creativity in cards.  I do cards not only for challenges but to send them out to people who need encouragement.  Just like me.

I have lots of time, but I recognize that other people REALLY don't have the time that I do to make cards so some of these points are really important. Even at that, I go to school, do housework, and have to walk to do my grocery shopping, so my days aren't all fun and creative.  All in all, what better craft can there be that makes one's self happy and is able to create such joy for others!
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