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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Needed to Laugh

Tom is in China this weekend and I needed to laugh, so I started looking around at jokes on the internet.  It's funny to laugh by yourself.  When your laughter echoes off the walls it can be even funnier or oh.. so sad. But, when I saw this stamp that said "stamp naked."  I had to do this card.

So, I got one Christmas card and this one done.  Tom took the good camera with him to China so I had to use the point and shoot which doesn't take clear pictures on the "flower" setting, but you get the idea.
Tom will get to see the Great Wall while he is in China.  I'm so excited for him. Someday, I will get to go.  For now, I get to craft until I am exhausted from gluing things.  It's a good life. :0)

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