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Friday, November 13, 2009

Giggle A Little

It's Friday, the 13th!  I have always had great days on these "scary" appearances.  I think we need to fear Monday, the 13th more! Ugh.  Last night I entered this card in a contest at this blog: CricutCardzChallenge
I wrote this poem to go with the card (my son Austin, helped me with the last line).

I made this card to send to some sick kids.  I made two of them and they took all day because of the many many layers for each animal.  Then I wrote this poem to go with it:

The giraffe said, "I am tall, that makes me the best."
The lion said, "I am king, I'm better than the rest."
The kangaroo bounced around, "I am better than you."
The chicken clucked, 'I lay eggs, what else can you do?"
The elephant began spouting, "I am very strong."
The camel said, "I'm the best, I believe you are wrong."
The goat began to giggle, "Now, I must confess,
we are each our best, in our uniqueness."
by Penny Light

I am looking forward to the weekend with Tom.  We are really enjoying being around each other.  Every marriage goes through those ups and downs where you aren't in sync and then you are.  We have been in sync a lot since we got back from the U.S.  Our bikes being stolen this week made us really talk to each other about our experiences here in Italy.  We couldn't believe we were feeling exactly the same way and hadn't talked about it. I have the best husband in the world!  That started me on the animals each thinking they were the best and how we are all "the best" for someone.

Onward and Upward,
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