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Monday, November 9, 2009

Manic Monday

Someone stole my bicycle AGAIN.  I'm so upset that I'm crying this morning. It's hard enough to be a foreigner in this country and to have my only transportation stolen twice is making me crazy.  So, I had to create something that would make me smile.  I did these two cards.

First I chopped up the pregnant woman from New Arrival cartridge and made her not pregnant, then I cut her legs off so I could make it look like she was whimsically riding in the cart. The cart is from My World, the lettering from Storybook and Lyrical Letters.

Made this twilight card for my daughter-in- law.  The author said the broken ribbon (from the cover of Eclipse) is meant to mean the choices that Bella has to make and that we all have to make.

This OCD remark is just funny.
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