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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Super Sunday!!!!!!

Super Sunday!  A day for Worship.  A Day for the start of the Football Season.  A day that my DH is sick, sick, sick in Brazil.  Maybe he has H1N1 but he'll never go to the Dr.  He's alone and sick in a foreign country and there is nothing I can do for him.  So, since I have been working on these "man cards" I put together a couple that I think a man would not mind getting.  Simple with a little humor.  These are NOT original ideas, but they are MY cards.  SYI for the bug and a wonderful woman named Ruth Howard who creates fun cricut cut files.  She created several nursery style animals on her site and she allows free downloads of the files.  Most of these created in George, which I have and love, so I downloaded her crab.  Then I used it for this get-well card.  Click here for her blogspot  (Ruth Howards Blog)

And the Inside:

A closer look:

I liked this card because of the absence of the crab, which I thought was funny on my paper pad after I finished inking the crab for the front of the card.

This picture was hard to take... without the flash it was too dark, with the flash, the plastic that I put around the jar to make it look more like a jar, flashed too bright. 

I hope my DH feels better soon.  It is so lousy to be sick in a hotel far away from anyone to care for you. I know because being sick in Italy while Tom was in Mexico, Brazil or anywhere else is NO FUN.
Lots of prayers Tom.  I love you!
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