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Thursday, December 11, 2014


I joined a card swap on facebook.  I do cards top to bottom, which means that the card is finished on the inside, stamped on the back, completed with proper fitting envelope.  Most of the cards I got were horrible. Barely finished on the top, definitely, not inside.  The fronts were barely done and I only received 3 where this was true, complete on the inside and out.  One card had the inside stamp crooked and near the top inside of the card. I was disappointed at how unprofessional these cards were.  Maybe these were all newbies.  I can forgive this horrible set of cards, but I won't be doing any for the future with this group.  I wonder if the people that made these cards were proud of them at all.

To complete a home made card, the inside should be finished to the same weight as the front of the card.  At the very least, glue a white piece of card stock on the inside right.  Balance the weight of the front of the card to the middle. If you stamp a sentiment or picture, add a third layer of cardstock with the sentiment on it.  This allows the weight to be build up and allows for making a mistake with the stamp if you do it before you insert it in the card.

Professionalism, people.  

Thank you for letting me use my own blog to protest/whine/complain about my card exchange with others.

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