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Thursday, February 20, 2014

It's a joyous day!  The sun came out.  I soaked up some substantive vitamin D, and it felt like I was normal.  Then the wind came and made it not fun, anymore but it was joyous for a while.  My dog came in and took a nap, but I work on m craft room.  Got to get busy there at the renewal of life and substantiation.  There was beauty as I noticed  all the trees have some little buds and my plants are starting to perk up.  I  am going to perk up with it.  

I got Tags, Bags, Boxes 3 today and I can't wait to try some things with it tomorrow.  Along with some of the fun things with it.  That's a big step for me t get back on the horse after being off for so long. 

Hope you are doing well and finding your
crafts filled with Joy.  Have a blessed day!
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