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Monday, January 6, 2014

Wow, so sporadic in my postings.  I recently quit my job, had some shoulder repair surgery done, having back issues and injections and want to return to full-time crafting and blogging.

My son signed me up for this greeting card service that sends me two hand crafted cards a month. Tota Press.  It's quirky and high brow, but I like it.  I love the hand press look, which is what I love about my cricut embosser, but this adds a new element to my thought.

Joanne, Mahalo, for keeping up with me. We bought a home and settled down, finally, all that moving around was tough on my crafting mind and my body.  You're so sweet.

Onward and Upward,


  1. Hello Penny, Happy New Year! I am so glad I stopped by and found this happy message from you! I am so excited for you! I can't wait to see your AWESOME whimsical and clever creations again! You have been missed! I hope that your shoulder surgery has mended and you are doing well. I had some "female" type surgery done over the holidays, but all is well and I am on the mend! Thanx so much Penny for your sweet comment. I was so hoping that you would be crafting again. I made another sweet blog friend, a gal over in the UK. She is SO talented! Her coloring just blows me away! All self taught too! Anyway, she has very bad chronic fatigue syndrome and depression. I keep in touch with her too by dropping by her blog, and now we also email. The poor young gal gets so bad it takes too much energy for her to color, write or do anything. It breaks my heart. Such a talented person and she can't create any more. I may have my problems, but I thank the Lord that they are minimal compared to so many others. Are you keeping warm,lol! Man, most of the country is really in a deep freeze! I don't know if you know I am not in HI any more. I am in Phx. still taking care of my Dad - that's a whole other novel, lol! Anyhow, it hasn't even gotten cold enough for me to wear a heavy coat here this winter! I am so sick of HEAT! Paul and I have been taking trips up north to Pinetop. Beautiful forests, lakes and streams. Nice cool weather and snow in the winter, I love it. I really miss the change of seasons. Oh my, I certainly have rambled on! I better end this before I put you to sleep! Take care my friend, all the best to you and your family in 2014! I will be stopping by soon to see what you are up to!!! Welcome back! xxx Joanne

  2. Hello Penny, just a drop by to say hi and that I hope you are doing well. All is so-so here. My Dad is having some rotten issues that I have to deal with. It's hard because I have to be here at home a lot more. I'm a gad about,lol, and I miss my freedom to go when I want to. Ho Hum! We all have our issues to deal with, such is life. Sending big hugs and hope you will be back on here some day soon. Joanne xxx


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