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Monday, July 11, 2011

Foreign Roads of Micronesia

Hi all,

I have finished my last wedding as a wedding coordinator.  Bittersweet.  Having done Event Coordination for over 20 years now.  I'm ready.  More importantly......... my husband is ready.  He's the one who is glad I'm no longer missing in action on weekends while I "create" corporate retreats, weddings, anniversaries, changes of command, retirement ceremonies, etc....
 All the initials were done using Lyrical Letters or Storybook.  I used the deep cut blade on thick cardboard then covered it with moss.  The L&M at the front of the chapel were cut in paper on Cricut, then I cut them out  on styrofoam.

 The couple this past weekend wanted a several day wedding event.  AND they loved their initials.  We did initials everywhere.  The table cloths were made of burlap and table runners that were pieced together like quilt tops (thanks to my mother in law for sewing so MUCH).  We did Dahlias for flowers which were awful.  They wilted so fast. They were gorgeous and some of them were bigger than my head, but they didn't weather well.

 I forgot to take pictures of the cake which also had their initals on top of them.

Lastly, while in Italy, we bought a GPS unit to help us navigate the roads of Europe.  It came with the maps of Italy, France and some of Germany already programmed on it.  Rather than buy a new one right after we landed back in the U.S.  We reprogrammed it to use the U.S. maps and language.  This weekend while in Austin, TX for the wedding, we used it to get around for all the events of this weekend wedding party.  Texas has lots of FM roads (short for Farm to Market).  However, our foreign GPS interpreted the road FM to mean Foreign roads of Micronesia.  I died laughing...........  sometimes you do wonder what world you are in.
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