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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

In a funk

Everyone's been there.  I've been in a serious one of late.  I have excuses.  I've been sick, I've had loads of company and I just don't have any ideas!  I've created a dozen things and none of them were "right."  I didn't like any of them enough to share or to use for my DT.   My DH kept telling me to be patient with myself, take a nap, etc., etc.  Well none of that helped.  I'm still in a funk.  Maybe it will pass soon, I hope and pray.  Here are the things I created trying to be creative..... it just doesn't work when it's forced.

Okay, I know a lot of people wouldn't show you their mistakes, but we all make them.  The flower center didn't exactly end up in the center.  The leaves didn't blend.  My giant centipede was just a giant mistake, my fan, just wasn't pretty and it was lopsided.   I make a lot of mistakes.  Thank goodness I like to make my own paper and can often mulch these into something else.  UGH.

All of this ended up being a God lesson for me.  I sure do make a lot of mistakes!  He never gives up on me as his craft though.  He wants me to be better and better and so, I keep trying, allowing him to mulch me up into other things available for something else that He wants me to be or do.

I'm still in a funk, but I'll let Him move me along.  Until then........... I'll keep trying.
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