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Sunday, June 6, 2010


Thank you all for your prayers, encouragement and warnings.  I really didn't know all the stuff about Ambien until this happened to me, since then I've learned lots about people eating, driving, and doing all kinds of weird things with no memory of the events.  I am weaning off of it now.   I can usually pray myself back to sleep in comfort and relaxation, but sometimes my mind is just too active and I can't.

Onward... Today's card is a celebrate card.  I made two of them for my Mother-In-Law's birthday coming up.  I have a GREAT Mother In Law with a wonderful sense of humor so both of these cards celebrate that.  I will let my husband pick which one to send her:

  Or this one:

Both images are from Bugaboo stamps and digital images here. The open aperture is a new thing for me.  So, I get to count this as part of my new year's resolution to try 12 new card styles this year.... I'm up to 9 and I have 7 more months to go! 


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