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Monday, April 19, 2010

Winged Things

This is my project for the FANTABULOUS CRICUT challenge this week.

This is the airplane from New Arrival, cut 4 times  at 7"
The monkey, frog and elephant heads from New Arrival at 1"
I cut off the wings and turned them to be straight out so it was 3D instead of flat.
I added wheels so it would stand up.  And a strip of paper 3" by 7"
folded on each side a 1/4 of an inch and then attached to the two airplane panels to
make the bowl to hold the items. 
The tag is from George and the lettering is Pooh Font.
Fill as desired.

This is a little pictorial on how I put the plane together.  I took it apart so you could see

This is the airplane from New Arrival, cut 4 times  at 7"
I flipped it in DS, but if you don't have DS just put the paper upside down and cut it.
When it cuts, the wings are flat.  I cut themoff and cut out the layers assigned to the plane 4 times and glued two together.  I cut a slit in the center of the plane, I put the plane wings through, slayed the ends and glued them in place.

I cut a layer in black to hide the mechanics on the inside and to make the plane sturdier to stand.  

Then I cut the circles in George to add the wheels and placed them on the bottom twice. 
This is the inside bowl.  The black is the original and folded, the white is the flat layout so you can see.  I folded along the sides 1/4 of an inch to make a lip. 
Mine measures flat 3" across.  I had to experiment with the sizing and you might too depending on what you want to hold.  

I attached it with TERRIFICALLY TACKY TAPE.  It really holds the best in my opinion. 

I showed the white attached so you could see it better. I let it rest for a few hours before I tried putting anything in it. 
On the outside you can see a couple of places where I put brads.  They hold it together a little extra and add some decorative flair to the plane.  Decorate and fill as desired.

This is the centerpiece for my friend's farewell party for her son who is going to study abroad. He'll enjoy the goodies more than the plane, but his mom is happy! 

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