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Monday, March 22, 2010


At Practical Scrappers the challenge is to use something that is more than a year old.  No problem there, I had this purple ribbon since my oldest son got married six years ago.  I've had the Mary Engelbreit stickers for two years or more.  I just kept looking at them and wondering what to do with them so they sat in the drawer.  I've had the stamps and the rhinestones a long time too.  The doily package I've had for years, but I just opened it.

So even though all the stuff is old, I needed to put them on something new to me (my stipulation).  I looked for a new fold and found a card someone had done for a baby that was three tags joined together.  I used that model for my own design of pocketed tags.

My DH leaves comments on my cards at night while I am sleeping.  He is currently in Kuwait. 
He hated the purple ribbons at the top and said it was like trying to look through a forest.  When I got up this morning, I decided he was right and replaced the ribbons with buttons and I like it SO much better.  Hurray for dear husbands! 

Fixed Card 



Tags from Tags, Bags, Boxes and More - Cut at 4" for the large ones, 
2.5" for the smaller tags
Happy Mother's Day from the Mother's Day 2010, cut at 2"
"I love you" and "It's Your Day" from George
Doily cut behind Happy Mother's Day from Storybook 

P.S. There's a beautiful Robin sitting on my balcony looking at me. :)

Practical Scrappers - Use something more than a year old
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