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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Counting Down to Gone

I'm only a few days away from departing for the U.S. and meeting my new grandbaby.  I'm going crazy waiting for the day and I've have been really creating a lot of things in the process of waiting.... to keep my mind and hands busy.

Okay, I'm very proud of this one. It's paper pieced from George and some joining in DS. The background is some paper from the Cricut TBBM packet and I chalked in the sunset sky. It's inked, popped and dropped, threaded, tied, and clipped..

My husband has a shirt with this saying on it and it really deserves a card, so I made one today.


4boysisjoy said...

I love your scarcrow! He is great!
I was thinking something about meeting friends in funny places.
Neighbors by chance, friends by choice.
I think you must have been hungry when you did the cake!

jazznjava said...

Love this the cake is a liar!

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