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Sunday, December 20, 2015

Christmas Crafts

I've been gone for a bit while managing a project I made for myself.  The crafters at my church all donated things they made for the church Christmas party.  Everyone who came, went home with a gift from someone else in the congregation.  It was a fabulous turn-out.  And while I did make a bunch of the gifts myself, I was pleasantly surprised by the people who gave generously of their creative genius at a very busy time of the year. It was a success that I will never even try to achieve again.  Whew! 
Tom created this box with cedar sticks that things can be hung on.  Here a hanging mason jar with candle and colorful stones, and jinglebell ring.

This coffee sign is created with the print raised up on the glass, a unique feel  that can't be expressed in the photo

 This decoupage box is created from a cigar box with knobs on the bottom for feet.  A fitting storage box for a teenage girl. 
This hanging bottle planter, wreath, jingle bells and planter were all mind.

This was one of my favorites.  Anchor cut on the cricut and I hand lettered the scripture.

Wreath, Joy sign and Snowman who is also a scarecrow on the back for a one stop fall to winter decor.

I made 3 of these lightbulb planters with moss, stone and little birds

These trays we showed the college students how to make.  They made one for their mother's for christmas and one for the giveaway.  This one with a tea set candle, doily and flowers.

This moose and tree sign, negative painting with cricut vinyl cuts.

I made this walking stick and I was so proud of it. I almost didn't give it away.
And the painted picture of the grinch

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