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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Baseball 47 Days

Count down to Baseball.... pitchers and catchers are reporting now.  And my DH LOVES baseball.  In fact, when we got out of the Navy, he intended to go to Umpire School, but it didn't work out.

Now, the real reason for this card is that I used to play baseball and I LOVED it.  I was playing as a center field, when the ball got lost in the lights and it hit me in the face. Breaking bones in my face, began 2 years and  3 surgeries.  My husband was gone on 6 months deployment.... and I had my 3 sons to take care of .  They were sitting in the crowd while I was playing.  One of the guys on the team put a baseball cap over my face so it wouldn't scare my kids.

 I really looked horrible.  The doctor took a picture of my face so that when I facial rebuild he could show me that picture to show that he had only pizza to work with.  And he was right, there was a crater in my face where the ball landed.  I can laugh about it now!!  Laughing is important to me.

Bring it on baseball.  Cheering for the Texas Rangers all the way! 

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Sesame Street Font
Paper Sampler

.One other thing.  I make cards that make me happy, then I look for a challenge that fits it.  I think most people do it reversed.  But that's not me. 

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