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Friday, November 21, 2014

Holly Jolly Christmas

It's almost time for Christmas songs.  Several of my friends have already started, but my husband is VERY resistant to any Christmas before Thanksgiving.  I agree with that, but since I have been wrapping Christmas presents getting them ready for sending, and a few Christmas decorations staged, I'm ready for the music!

This is one of the cards I created yesterday, I was going with a snowing feeling. I used natural paper with flowers and leaves embedded in it.  Letter Envy, Lyrical Letters, Joys of the Season and white pen.  It made me very happy when I was done! 


Thursday, November 20, 2014

Movie Title Typos - Austin D. Light

My son, Austin Light, went viral last week with some of his drawings.  He got a book deal, hundreds of commission requests, T-shirts, Prints, etc.  Recognized by some very famous people, etc.  He has been working on novels for the last few years and shopped them around for a book deal but hasn't gotten one yet.  In one and 1/2 days, in the top ten of Reddit, he got interviews on, Huffington Post, Creative Minds, The Nerdist, After Midnight (Comedy Central), PGA, Esquire, Australia's Today Show, My Nuovo TV, Metro CO in London, Reddit, Society 6, and many, many more.

I"m going to share his artwork here.  The subject was delete one letter from a movie title and write a tag line for the new movie.  Enjoy the laugh!

Austin's Famous Drawings

In case you don't recognize the movies, they are
Robo Cop - Oboe Cop
Rave - Brave
Men - X-men
Finding Emo - Finding Nemo
Jurassic Par - Jurassic Park
Take 3 - Taken 3
Fight Cub - Fight Club
Harry Otter - Harry Potter
Aging Bull - Raging Bull
Pup Fiction - Pulp Fiction
Pretty in Ink - Pretty in Pink (Molly Ringwald commented on this one)
T - E.T.
Raining Day - Training Day
Mr and Mrs Sith, - Mr and Mrs Smith
Star Wars: A New Hoe - Star Wars: A New Hope
Pollo 13 - Apollo 13
Beauty & the Beat - Beauty and the Beast
The Fat and the Furious - Fast and Furious
Ad Max - Mad Max
The Princess Ride - The Princess Bride
Ron Man - Iron Man
Dive - Drive
Man on Fir - Man on Fire
Alen - Alien
Scram - Scream  (The director of this movie became a follower of Austin on Twitter)
Twilight: A New Moo - Twilight: a New Moon
Uno - Juno
Oh Bother, Where Art Thou - O Brother; Where Art Thou?
The Princess and the Fro - The Princess and the Frog
Lord of the Rigs - Lord of the Rings
The last picture is a caricature of my son, Austin, and his two kids.

As a mother, I am delighted for his success, just as a regular person, I laughed my butt off! or

So. I've been busy

My father has been very ill and I've been pre-occupied with that and the research on his condition. And, we had our first grand-daughter, Ruby Claire Light, delightful event!!  But to shake myself out of the traveling bug, I joined a card exchange.  20 cards to exchange, all occasions.

This is what I sent. Lately, I've been into recycling.  I cut images from other cards, or papers, bits of a pattern I liked, etc.  and creating new cards from them.  I also used some Jolee stickers, cricut cuts from Joys of the Season, Paper Pups, Coloring pages, Create a Critter, stamps from Close to my Heart, Brads from Just Brads and various scrap supplies.  Now, doing this many cards at once, was fun, however, I couldn't get myself to create the more difficult cards like, Easel, Flip, Pop up, Step, etc.  They are just traditional cards.  It's harder getting back in the swing of things than a thought.

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