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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

It's Not Me.......

I LOVE my name!  It perfectly identifies my personality and love of God and I can't believe I got so lucky as marrying into it!  

There are 8 other Penny Light's on facebook (Public). There are 6 other ones on Twitter (Public), There are 2 on Pinterest (Public) and 2 in Canada (Random Business Owners). None of them are me. I've started Googling/Binging myself to see what information is out there about me and then locking down my own privacy. Does anyone else get really tired of EVERYTHING about you being out there?

If you're trying to run a business, you want things branded with your name or business and that's where I find it is difficult.  When I was doing Cricut almost full-time, there was value in having more and more people read my blog, look at my work, and know my name.  However, after I became a grandmother, I started recognizing my children's desire to protect the name and identity of their own children.  While many of their identities had been given up to Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler, Instagram, when it came to their children, THEY WERE ON LOCKDOWN.  

I don't blame them.  In an effort to be able to see pictures of my grandchildren, I have put much of my online stuff in lockdown. 

But what about my blogs?  I have one for my gastric bypass journey.  I have one for my private prayer journal, I have one for my cards and creations.  I've decided NOT to lockdown this blog because I like the communications I have with other crafters here.  Some of you have encouraged me SO much during my journey with depression and gastric bypass issues which became even more special to me (Thank you, JoAnne and Margie!)

So... all those other Penny Light's are NOT me.  But this place IS!

This photo is not cricut, but another crafty art I enjoy.  This is a photo I took out my backyard after the terrible tornado threats had finally passed by.  It's non-retouched and I love it.  It's a Penny Light picture. 

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