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Monday, May 14, 2012

Seven Ate Nine

You know how old sayings just strike you as funny some days?
My cards seem to have a "bad day" feel to them lately. Hmmmmm.

This one just an old saying and probably not an original card.
Duck, Duck, Duck

I just think some funny cards to make one laugh from time to time is the best thing to do.  So go ahead and laugh today! 


  1. Oh Geeez Penny, you have me laughing out loud again with your 7 "ate" 9!! Too funny, and your right, I never thought of that before, lol! TOO CUTE!! Love the ducks too, so sweet, I love your sense of humor!!!! Thanx for making me laugh, I really needed it today. BIG hugs, J:)

  2. Oh Pen, I'm sorry I didn't see your post about your hand until I checked in today! Good heavens! I sure hope that you are on the mend and it's not too painful. I bet it is slowing you down a bit. Take care! Hugs, J:)

  3. Aloha lady, just stopping by to say hi and hope that you are doing well. Happy summer ~ for me it's I hope I survive the heat of summer, lol! Supposed to be 113 degrees here today, YUCK!!! Hope your hand is all healed, Big hugs, J:)

  4. Hi Penny! I sure hope you still check on here from time to time and get this message. I still drop by to check and see if you are creating and to see how you are doing. I hope that you have made progress on your depression. I am still on my "happy pills" as I call them, and glad of it! I still miss Hawaii so much and shed tears over all the loss I've had from having to leave there. But, as time goes by, it is getting a bit better. I can't believe I have been gone over 2 years. Where does the time go?!!

    I wish you a very joyous and blessed Christmas. Also hope that 2013 is a good one for you. I hold you in my thoughts and prayers, BIG hugs, Joanne

    P.S. I STILL really miss your wit and great creations!!!


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