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Monday, April 18, 2011

Denton, Texas

We found a place to live.  We can't move in until May 15th, so we are in a hotel room with our dog while we wait for the place to be ready.

I am so anxious to have my crafts back.  I have two weddings to do this summer and it has been hard to work on them without my craft stuff to use.   Back to using my Wedding Coordinator certification and experience.  Word of mouth is still the best way to get work in this business.  I'm doing a GRAND event in July in Austin, TX.  And one in June in Kerrville, Tx. 

Our things should arrive from Italy in 3 more weeks.

I am already missing Italian Siesta.  Oh to take life as slow as the Italians took it. :0)

OUR STUFF ARRIVED from Italy on Monday.  Very little breakage considering.  I found my cricut on Tuesday.  Once I get the boxes  unpacked, I'll be in business.  It's like Christmas at my house right now.... only not as festive. :0)  See ya soon.

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