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Monday, May 3, 2010


This week on FANTABULOUS CRICUT the challenge was to create something for the teacher with an apple shape on it.  Teacher appreciation week is coming up, May 3-7 and I wanted to do something fun for my sister. 

This apple pen holder is made out of toilet paper rolls.  

Apples cut at 5 inches on heavy card stock, four times, twice in red, twice in white. 
Shadow feature, apple cut twice at 5" on heavy card stock.

The toilet paper rolls were were wrapped inside and out and around the bottom with black card stock. then glued together.

I attached the apples on both sides and then filled with these fun colored gel pens. 

I read that teachers say they would like anything that shows appreciation, just no more coffee mugs. Ha ha ha.  This is a simple gift and could even be filled with candies or other goodies.  

Show your appreciation and then post your photo at Fantabulous Cricut
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