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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

No Card Today

Had to clean up the house today so no cricuteering for me.  Having to do some research on my body too. 

Calling all people with Hypothyroidism and Depression.  Anyone else out there experiencing some of these difficulties?  There are lots of books and websites out there on the correlation between the two.  Here is one

I'm very interested in this phenomenon.  One - it's hereditary.  Two - I'm getting older and it is supposed to get worse as "women" age into their 50s. 

Is there anyone who has found a solution to their own personal issues with this?  What did you use?  What did you do?  I'm already taking synthroid and two anti-depressants, Cymbalta and Wellbutrin.  I HATE the Cymbalta, but there are awful side effects coming off the drug---- Brain Snaps, Heart Palpitations, Irrational Thought, Food Cravings, Joint Pain, etc.  It hurts worse to go off it.  Wellbutrin counteracts some of the bad side effects of being on the cymbalta, but it means taking two of those drugs.  Being on the drugs allows me to think rationally and keeps me from sudden outbursts of emotional tears, fits of rage, suicidal ideology and completely irrational acting out.

What is a successful life on these drugs? 
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