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Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Next New Thing

Crafting is nothing if not the next new thing.  Where would the craft business be without it?  And, I would be bored without it. (smile)  This is my S card another differing fold from my norm.  PLUS it has many many layers of textures, ribbons, papers, etc.  I'm usually a simple girl.  I like a simple (usually funny) message and a pretty simple card.  However, since I got my cricut, I've tried more and more difficult things and a menagerie of contrivances. 


Last night while talking with my DH, we discussed how peer groups never go away.  They are just different and older.  I covet some of the talents of my fellow card makers and long for this new thing or that new machine.  Really growing up though is learning to hone your own craft and be challenged to make it better.  I'm really grateful for the Cricut Message Boards, fellow crafters and challenges that teach me to be better at my craft.

George for all the squares and rectangles
Cuttlebug embossing folders
Several different ribbons
Stash paper

Fruity Colors Challenge #3 - Charisma Cards - Banana and Strawberry Swirl & Sunshine

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