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Thursday, November 5, 2009

First Thursday in November

I finished 3 cards today.  Two of them aren't worth posting, but this one is one I worked really hard on and has a lot of layers.  It is memorable of how it looks outside today on the first Thursday of November.


Jessica said...

I love your cards! I read your comment about my use of Flower soft. Don't be afraid of it. You just take it from it's little jar and put it into a larger container and then use their glue and put it where you wan the Flower soft. After that it's just like glitter, only way less messy! The glue is really thick, so you can put it on the little wires they have, and it stays! After it's dry you can push it and prod it and it won't come off! I'm sure if you tore at it, it would come off, but under normal handling conditions, it stays. The kits come with all kind of art work and 2 colors of FS. But you can buy more. I particularly like the blends. It makes it look way harder than it is. So give it a try. I'l bet you'll be pleasantly surprised.

4boysisjoy said...

I love these cards. The fall tree and trike and the butterfly. Is the window on one of your cartridges? Maybe the walk in the garden?
That was neat of that Michael's person to post the black friday cartridges. I hope they don't get in trouble. Oh, I love the saying on the tea card too.

Hege-Annie Simonsen said...

Great cards! I love the one with the tree, especially! :)

Thanks for stopping by my blog and taking the time to comment - I appreciate it a lot! Lovely photos from Sweden in a blog post a bit further down. :)
You bought a stamp with the recipe for GLØGG you said - you should try it, if you have the ingredients. It's really good! :)) Especially in the winter cold up here north, at the Advent time, waiting for Christmas to arrive. I loove Christmas - except summer that is the best time of the year, I think!

I had my first trip to Italy this summer - I loved it! Went to Rome and Milano + that we had a little visit at Lago d'Iseo, driving around a bit. Would love to go back, some day! :)

Happy Sunday! Hugs, Hege

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