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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Stylish Blogger award - Follower Take One

Another Award:  THANKS!!!!

5 Random Facts about me:
1.  I'm just learning to stamp but I don't like the fat faced freckled kids with no mouths.  There seem to be more of them popping up everywhere.
2.  I'm fascinated by some of the words I see in word verification.  Noprom, Iceit, puyuck,and failedit.  Kind of a madgab for my head to chuckle at.
3.  I think it is weird how challenge  blogs ask us to turn off our word verification so they can comment on our blogs but you go to theirs and word verification is on.  Just funny.
4.  LOVE creating cards and seeing others inspiration.  Big or small it brings up new ideas with which to wonder.  God has really blessed people with some incredible talent.  And this particular talent blesses other people!
5.  I have the world's greatest husband who watches out for me, treats me like a queen and makes my world seem open to all possibilities.  I adore him!

So, for my followers, take on this award and give it to at least 5 people after you have given 5 facts about yourself.
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