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Saturday, June 19, 2010

A friendly bag

Everything old is new again.  I was going through an OLD stampin' up catalog from 2000 that my sister sent me and this idea was in there.  I used create a critter for all of the enclosed items. 
This purse contains 8 cards
The external purse is 6x12
Stampin' UP Papers -one scrapbook sheet folded in half and cut to make the long part of the purse.  The bottom part of the purse (where it will stand) is 3 inches and an additional panel is added to give it strength.
The pockets are two 6x6 sheets folded on the edges 
and the bottom to make the pockets
The cards included are: 
Hello Friend
Friends see eye to eye not matter their differences
See you later alligator -you'll be missed
Thanks for your support
Friends to the End
Happy Birthday Friend 
Get Well soon
and a little journal for notes
The purse handles are 2 x 10 strips (they were scraps)
Some ribbon, paper strips, brads and punches for decor and this fun little gift is all done!  A Bow and a Tag is all it needs to made it a perfect gift for a friend.

I think if I did this project again, I would put the pockets closer to the bottom of the purse than I did.  I really had to work to get the card weights evened out on both sides to get the purse to stand up.  It would have been easier if I didn't work so hard to get the weights right. My husband was quite proud of it though.  I was proud of the cards that went in it!  You can click on any of the pictures to enlarge them.
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