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Friday, October 29, 2010

Polymer Clay and the Cricut

This is my Cricut Polymer Clay project.  All the items in this box have been made using polymer clay on the cricut except for the pearls and stickles.

LET ME TELL YOU how excited I am about the new baby cricut cake!  The same size as my baby cricut but works like the cricut cake, NOW I will be able to do more things with  my polymer clay on the cricut.

 The clay cuts like fondant.  Sticks well to the mat and is easy to cut using the deep cut blade.  The problem with using the baby cricut is that it puts lines down the clay where the rollers go. The problem with using clay on your cake machine is that you would then have to dedicate the cake machine to clay.  Now I will be able to have a small machine that works for my clay because I don't care about doing cakes.
I used Winter Woodlands, Stretch My Imagination and George for this project that was published over at Practical Scrappers.  It was also fun to use another medium with my cricut!!
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