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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Brazil Blues

Tom is off to Brazil and so I am alone..... and keeping busy as best I can with creating cards.  I'm behind in the Cricut Fairy Army cards and so I had to get several done.  Plus, I had signed up to do a challenge on a blog and I didn't read the instructions right.  I created the Flaming O card and it wasn't about Flamingo's, it was about using ready-made embellishments.  So, I started over, but since I am "blue" all I could think of is how much some flowers would cheer me up. I don't think MY flowers would win a challenge, but I did enjoy them very much.  I have several kids on the fairy list that need "kid" oriented cards.  I'm not very good with that.  I also have a man card that I have to work on.  Those are the hardest.... do men really care about the cards that they get??   I don't have an answer for that... it's just out there.

Flower & Friendship Card for Challenge
The Friendship tag is chipboard and several of the flowers.
Some flowers are from George, added a corner brad.

Bird & Friendship Card, also included in Challenge
The bird is chipboard, the flowers are from George, the red frame & stems from Home Decor.
The Friendship is chipboard.

Monkey Fun (for a kid)

The Palm Trees are from SYI and the Monkey from New Arrival.  I chopped him all up and turned him and flipped his parts to make him swing from the tree with a sign.  I saw someone's card on the cricut boards where they had a stamp that looked like this.  I don't have a stamp.

This next card I totally scraplifted from a card made with felted flowers.  I just doubled up the paper then folded each petal.  I don't remember where I saw the card or to whom to give the credit.  I like it okay, it wasn't too hard to do and I can get it in the mail quickly.  The colors are my favorite.

And one for my nephew for Halloween.... Jolee's stickers and Lyrical Letters.  The Happy Halloween is computer generated.

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