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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Peas and Carrots

I've done a few bit parts in movies, (meaning I was the moving background), but one of the things they tell you do when you are supposed to be talking but making NO noise, is to say mouth "peas and carrot"s over and over.  It looks like you're talking a lot.

These are my peas and carrots....... Like my bit acting....  I don't talk a lot on blogs these days. :0/


  My friend and t-shirt designer collinvh did a t-shirt design similar to this.  Got his permission to change it up a bit and make a card of it.  It's going to be a farewell card to my boss.  He's one of the best boss' I've ever had.  Not just another pea in the pod. 

This Spring Thief orginal design was by Ochopika an artist friend of mine.
I borrowed it with permission and changed it up quite a bit. He loved it. 
Collaboration is really great for different mediums. 

That's it for Peas & Carrots. :0) 

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Okay, I've been crafting.  And I've been working and babysitting and getting my boss ready to leave and change over to a new boss.  So crafting has been a lot on the back burner but I have done some things. and then I have a rant which I will put at the bottom so people don't have to listen to my rant.  These are my fun crafts:

Cut letters on buckets.  You are my sunshine sign, water globe with a cookie cookie monster.

My rant:  LEAVE MY DIET SODA ALONE!!  I' ve just had one too many lectures lately from people drinking full sugar sodas and juices telling me how bad my diet soda is while they drink their coffee with creamer and sugar.  $#w$#@$  My morning diet soda is my caffeine.  I am near diabetic, so I don't drink sugary sodas of any kind.  I drink water, and tea.  But my diet soda seems to invoke lectures from people that I don't know, don't care to know and think they are telling me something that is going to change my life! My Dr. said it's okay for me to drink diet soda and I DON'T NEED YOU OPINION!  I read all kinds of studies to keep myself abreast of things that are happening with sweeteners and such.  I am informed.  Take your sugar sweetened drink,Frappacino with bugs crushed in it for color, fruit juice and oddly flavored water and GO AWAY!  I get my caffeine my way, you get yours your way and LEAVE MY DIET SODA ALONE!  

Thanks and now back to crafting.

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