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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Roarin' Big Thank You

More thank you notes for my daughter in law. This one from my newest cartridge Animal Kingdom. I've loved this lion on other projects people have done. My mother always called my son, Logan, "Logan the Lion." So, I thought it appropriate to make one.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Flower Pot

This is my version of the Flower Pot Card. It seems it is the "rage" in card making as several different versions of the card are floating around, so I don't know who to credit for starting it. I decided to try it today...... this is how it turned out.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Baby Thank You Cards

Working on cards for my daughter-in-law to use after her baby shower and I came up with a couple of these cards. It really keeps me happy knowing that I'm making them for her.

Christmas in July

Inspired by Patti Boyce on the Cricut Message Boards, I scraplifted her Snowman card and made my own. It was easy with design studio to make the card and lots of fun to layer and put together.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Till The Cows Come Home

Cricut Cow Cards

These were fun creations because I used only the George cartridge and all the different shapes on the cartridge. I did use Design Studio so I could mess with the sizes I needed, but they are all just the basic shapes included on the cartridge.

Shown here are: Happy Cow, Grateful Cow and Relaxing Cow.

Clay Creations

My favorite design that ALWAYS attracts my eye is the swirl -   I always doodle these and am attracted to anything that has them on it.

I have a logo:  P

This is a PSL (my initials combined)

These are my clay creations

These are some of the wedding cake toppers I have created as well as other clay items. Fimo clay is a wonderful tool.


These are photos of some Halloween goodie holders I did for my sister's pre-K class in Texas.


Inspired by some of the sketches that were on the cricut boards I did this valentine card. There's nothing very original about it, but I liked that on my jar with the fireflies, I put that press and seal stuff so the jar had an actual jar look to it. SYI cartridge.


These are the first scrapbook layouts I ever did for a swap. I like doing my scrapbooks, but I don't do layouts like the professionals do. The cricut boards are filled with people who love the layered and layered and more layer pages. I like putting in pictures and the little things we saved like ticket stubs and little keepsakes. It's more a fun organization than a place to decorate and entire page for one picture.


These are designs I did for my DIL to have choices of baby announcements. I think she just used them all instead of having to pick just one. I liked some of them, and some of them I didn't like. Isn't that how it is?

There are also some fall cards when I got on a sunflower kick a couple of weeks ago.

Click here for viewing cards

Party Favors

These were the little party favors I made from TBBM. I sold them on Ebay for a while.
These are were the most popular ones I sold.

Just Odds & Ends of Fun

Just some fun things that I've done in creativity.... to keep a log.

And one that someone on the messageboards made that I'm trying to find out how she did.... sanitize bottles.

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