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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Christmas Crazy

While I was in Sweden, I worked on my Christmas cards.  Here are some of the varieties that I made.  I got about 15 cards done while I was there.  No distractions, just working on cards and walking around Sweden. What a joyous week it was.  I really had such a great time that I didn't want to come home.  It was so beautiful there!

I'm particularly proud of this snowflake wreath.  I did this one at home today (Not in Sweden)  Again something I don't normally do; work with Vellum. On this one I cut the vellum in a scallop shape, cut the same scallop shape in the card front and made the snowflakes in different sizes around the opening.  The snowflake on the inside can be seen through the vellum.  I fixed the jewel of the snowflake inside (in the middle) after I took the picture and realized it was crooked.  I might do another one of these, it was easier than it looks.


These are some of the pictures I took while walking around in Malmo, Sweden.  It was so beautiful.

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